Backup Your Data on Slow Network

Steps to achieve:

  1. Compress your files to any popular format, say “Zip”. (easily extractable on both Mac and Windows system).
  2. Split the files into smaller chunks of smaller sizes. (Using split utility in linux systems/Mac)
  3. Upload it. (Latency and network issues effects will be drastically reduced due to small size)
  4. Download it on destination system. (Or just keep it on cloud, as you wish ).
  5. Merge the downloaded files in one output files. (Zip file)
  6. Go ahead, and extract it. Bingo, you got all your content safely transferred .
$ ls
$ split -b 1m image.jpg myfolder/prefix
$ cat moviefolder/prefix1* >
$ ls

Why to Compress? can’t we directly use our files in native format, like, mp4 or jpeg?

  1. File size is reduced a bit.
  2. Your metadata is preserved. That’s an important thing to consider. Metadata, like file creation date, last modified data etc play significant role sometimes. (for example, while use maps application, location metadata can play a role to locate the place where the picture was clicked. Additionally , an image can have info about, the device through which the image was clicked, which is stored as metadata in image.)
  3. If you are compressing a folder containing multiple files (of may be different type), you don’t have to worry about uploading all files, just single file.

This method is not just useful for slow network, but also for the situation when you have much data and you don’t want to keep it on local storage device for privacy/safety purpose.




Student | B.Tech, CSE | India

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Hari Kishore

Hari Kishore

Student | B.Tech, CSE | India

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