Open Source — Not a new term! Right?

We love to use free softwares because why to pay if you can get things for free. And what makes it possible is open source.

So what is open Source?

Open-Source or open-source softwares are the softwares/services for which source code are publicly available. That is, any…

I recently happened to create a node app with simple functionality. It included all those basic component of a typical app. It had a database ( mongoDB, to be precise on cloud), Node.JS as server side scripting and was using express.js for routing and stuffs. Connection to database was handled…

Heroku is a platform where we can deploy our apps for free. There are many official language that heroku supports and from the user point of view we are always in search of something free which lets us deploy our projects so that we can show it to world.


To know this first we need to know what is meant by Proxy ?

It means — To represent someone. or to be authorised to act on behalf of someone.

Consider the case of a client accessing any website. What’s happening? The client sends a http request to server which…

This is very concise article to get your site online in a quick go. Its suitable for both beginners and pro.(one with experience on GitHub and repositories)

If you are reading this, means, you already have created your sample website be if portfolio or showcase. You already are aware of…

Hari Kishore

Student | B.Tech, CSE | India

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